3 Burner Versus 4 Burner Gas Stove: Which is Best to Buy?

There are many varieties of gas stoves that are available in the market today. There may be 2 burners, 3 burners, or even 4 burners gas stoves. With increase in choices, it becomes really difficult to take a decision as to which one to purchase and which not to purchase. In this article, we shall compare 3 burner gas stoves with a 4 burner one. Post that, we shall arrive at a conclusion as to which variety is best for you.

Factors to Consider:

  • When you are taking a decision of purchasing a burner, you need to keep some basic factors in mind. This includes the following:
  • What is the size of the family?
  • How much are you required to cook at one time?
  • How are my burners placed?
  • What is the size of the vessels that I am using vis-à-vis the size of my burners?

3 Burner Versus 4 Burner Gas Stove:

As seen above, the choice of the type of gas stove depends on a number of factors. Whether you want to buy a three burner or a four- burner gas stove also depends on your requirements. In the following section, we discuss the pros and cons of using both these types. You can consider the same and take your decision:

In a three- burner gas stove, you will find that it is far easier to accommodate the pots and vessels. The reason for the same is that in the three-burner gas stove, there is larger space that is present in between the burners. The same is not the case with four burners gas stove

Also, all the three burners in case of a three-burner gas stove are all located side by side. Hence, it becomes easy when you do not have to lean back to take out the vessels in case the burners are located at the back end. This is one of the biggest disadvantages in case you are using a four-burner gas stove. You have to always lean back when you are taking vessels out from the back burner. This leads to safety issues too. More often than not, your fingers tend to get burnt

However, if you have a family that has a lot of members and you need to cook food for many people all at the same time, then it is imperative that you consider the four- burner option. Cooking can be easier, and it will safe you a lot of time as well.

Thus, whether you choose to use a three-burner or a four-burner gas stove, it all depends on you and your requirements.