How To Choose a Locking Mailbox for Home

Mail theft can sometimes pose a real threat to security, especially if there is something confidential lying there in the Mailbox sent from your bank or other important organizations. A locking mailbox is a perfect solution to ensure that the mail you receive is secure. But there are different types of mailboxes in the market, and there is also top quality and not so good mailboxes. Therefore, it is important to consider certain important factors while choosing the locking mailbox for your home. This is, of course, to get a mailbox that offers maximum security at the lowest possible price.

Working of the Mailbox

Locking mailbox, you are looking for should be good enough to prevent

  • Leveraged entry
  • Prevent hand fishing of the mails in the Mailbox.
  • Damage to the mail that is stored in the box for a day or two or sometimes even weeks before you take it from the Mailbox.

In this light, it is important to ensure that the Mailbox is made of a material that is corrosion and rust-resistant and easy to maintain. The locking system, however, should be of high-quality and vandal proof. It is important that they come with anti-pry latch and a highly secure laser cut keys that are difficult to duplicate.

Style of Mailbox

Depending on where you are about to place the Mailbox, you should choose the style of the Mailbox that is apt for the setup and the type of delivery you can expect. The different styles of mailboxes that are available in the market include

  • Wall-mounted delivery box- This is a mailbox that is quite suitable for urban settings where walk-up delivery is the norm. The wall-mounted locking boxes are attached to the wall of the residence, and you have different sizes of mailboxes to choose from.
  • Curbside mailboxes- This refers to free-standing post mounted mailboxes that are typically located at the end of the driveway. It is suitable for semi-urban and rural areas with drive-up delivery.
  • Column mailboxes-Column mailboxes are custom built to suit the columns on which they must be mounted. They feature unique styles that match the style of the home.

Cost of Mailbox

It is an important consideration when you are choosing a locking mailbox. It is indeed important to buy a quality locking mailbox. But, the cost of a mailbox need not be quite expensive because though you need to protect the mails, not all mails might be that important for you to spend a large amount on it.

Quantity of mail

It is important to analyse the average mail and choose a locking mailbox that is suitable for handling the quantity of mail that is expected. You would be able to make the choice of Mailbox depending on how often you access and clear the Mailbox.

The material of the Mailbox

You have a stylish mailbox of different materials. But considering the aesthetics and durability, the metal mailboxes especially, the stainless-steel mailboxes, can be considered as an ideal choice owing to corrosion resistant.

Choose locking mailboxes with the care that would ensure that the emails you receive are safe.