How To Choose A Pedestal Fan – Buying Tips

Pedestal fans are oscillating fans that circulate an ample airflow around your home. They are powered by electricity and they serve as the best option for tropical countries like India when the climate is hot and humid. Rather than investing in any other ventilation system, you can prefer the pedestal fan, as they are having advanced features at a reasonable price. Here are a few factors that you need to check while buying a good Pedestal fan.


When you buy a pedestal fan, you have to check whether it is light-weight and not covering much space. Since, you may want to move the fan to different rooms, look for one that is light-weight. Thus, it lets anyone in your family to maneuver it without any issues.

Stylish Design:

This is the main concern of users that they consider even the style and design of pedestal fans in addition to other features. People may like to place the fan in the main hall or other rooms of the house, so they will check whether the design and style go dashing with your house. For a stylish look, you can go for the plastic or metallic pedestal fans of different colors and finishes.

Room Size:

This is another important point to consider when buying the pedestal fan. When you buy a new pedestal fan, you should think about your office or room size. A lot of people make this mistake of buying a small fan for their large room. On the other hand, some people buy an expensive, advanced feature pedestal fan of a bigger size for their small room. Thus, measure the size of the room to buy the relevant size pedestal fan.

Directional or Fixed:

Some old model pedestal fans have a fixed head in which you can’t change the direction of the head for getting into the air. Never go with this model of a pedestal fan, it is just a waste of money. With the technology advancements, a pedestal fan is introduced with many new features. One such feature is the directional head of the fan that you can adjust according to your needs.

There are many other things that you have to consider when buying a pedestal fan such as adjustable height, metal blades, tilting head, speed settings, remote control, display option, and noise, etc. Thus, if you are looking for the best pedestal fan, check for the above features in it.