How to clean a kitchen chimney at home

Chimney cleaning is considered one of tedious tasks in kitchen cleaning project for women. Mostly work in a kitchen is cooked with spices and a lot of oil, which leads to lots of smoke. The chimney sucks all the smoke which comes from it. All the grease which comes from it is taken in the chimney, which makes it dirty and decreases its efficiency. So to clean them is a task, and that could be done with some of the natural ingredients. Different methods are there to clean a chimney, but after removing the filters from the chimney cleaning could be done through these methods–

  • Washing it with hot water – This is the best way to clean the kitchen chimneys through hot water. Boiling water removes grease and oil stains that are there on the filters. Put the filters into it and let it boil on a slow flame for around 30 minutes. Then stove to be turned off and remove filters from it carefully. Clean it with water and dry it with cloth completely
  • Cleaning it with Dishwashing liquid – In most of the households, there is a liquid dishwasher, which could be used in this. This cleans the grease and unblocks them by removing oil deposits. Fill the bucket with hot water and put dishwashing liquid. Put the filters inside the water for around 1 to 2 hours. After that, remove it and scrub it gently. Wash with water and dry it.
  • Cleaning through paint thinner – It can remove stains of grease and oil, which are difficult to clean. Instead of it use of nail polish remover can be made. In cotton cloth puts the nail polish remover or paint thinner. It should scrub gently and wash it with water. Then it should be made dry under the sun.
  • Through Baking soda – This is easily available in every household. The properties of alkaline take the grease easily off from the chimney. Put baking soda around 3 tablespoons with vinegar 2 cups and salt 3 tablespoons. Put it in the solution for around 1 to 2 hours. Then scrub it gently and clean it with normal water. Replace it after drying.
  • Cleaning with Vinegar – Easily available in the kitchen and are taken as the cleaning agent. With the acidic properties, it is also a disinfectant. It will help in reducing the chance of having germs. In hot water at boiling temperature, put 2 cups of vinegar and mix it. Put the chimneys in it for around 2 hours. Scrub it with soft hands and wipe it wet cloth after it dries completely.
  • Removing with caustic soda – It has an acidic nature that helps to remove the grease easily, and no oil stains are left. Just keep the filters on a tray and put caustic soda all over it. Put boiling water on it, and there will be fumes coming out. Please keep it for 2 to 3 hours. Then scrub it with care and wash it after drying place it.

The chimneys could be easily washed with the home method. It should be regularly cleaned after an interval, as it will increase the efficiency of a chimney.