How to Use a Pressure Cooker Safely?

A pressure cooker can be found in every household. It is an important vessel as you can cook a wide variety of food items quickly in a pressure cooker. However, there can be a few instances when it might not be safe to use the cooker. In this article, we shall see some tips to use the pressure cooker safely. Here you go:

Tips to be Kept in Mind:

When you use a pressure cooker, make sure that you have the following tips in mind:

First of all purchase a good pressure cooker brand, there is lots of pressure cooker brands available in India.

When you are using the cooker, make sure that the rubber gasket is changed. You will face a lot of issues if the same dries out. As per experts, annual change of the gasket is really important. Make sure you always have an extra gasket at your disposal so that you can keep changing the same

Most of the times, there is food residue that is present outside or on the top of the pressure cooker. Make sure to remove all those extra particles as the same might cause the lid to open up while the food is being cooked

Another important tip for using the pressure cooker safely is to be careful enough to not fill the pressure cooker after a certain point. If you do so, the food will spill over and you will end up burning the food

Sometimes, it is also believed that you should not put more than the recommended oil in the pressure cooker. If the oil is too much, it might burn the food and the cooker will also not be in its proper self.

You should be extremely careful when you are dealing with food items that froth a long way. Some of these items include pasta, oatmeal, cranberries and other products

When you are cooking, you should take adequate care that you have put enough water and other liquid component to be cooked along with the food. If you do not do so, not only will the food burn, but the pressure cooker shall become dirty as well. This, in turn, shall only increase your difficulty of cleaning the pressure cooker.

There are different ways of releasing the pressure from the cooker as well. You should do the same carefully so that your hands and face are well protected. This is particularly important if you are releasing the heat from the cooker in a natural way, or if you are using some other kitchen appliance to release the heat from the cooker.

Thus, you should note the above tips and keep the same in mind if you are looking forward to using the pressure cooker in an adequate manner in your kitchen.