How to Use an Air Fryer at home

With the changing lifestyle, now it has become essential to take care of the diet. For this, nowadays, many innovations have come. From this, one of the innovations is Air fryer. The air fryer is small yet powerful in which heat is being used for cooking things. In this less oil or no oil is used for cooking the food. This makes the food to be healthier with no oil.

To take the best out of air fryer, it is essential to use it in the right manner:

Cooking temperature adjustments – If the recipe is being as per the cooking techniques or deep frying, then always lower the temperature with about 25 degrees F to have the same type of results. Similarly, for the other types of recipes as well, like roasting and others. The adjustment is required to be made at a lower temperature than with the temperature for other cooking. It is always best to preheat the air fryer to that temperature as it takes lesser time of around 5 minutes to cook as compared to other cooking methods.

Sprinkle some oil – Most of the food items generally have some oil in them. But still, it is always preferred to put some in the food of around one or two tablespoons as it will help in the cooking of the food in a better way. This little toss of oil will make the food look more appealing, crisp as well as golden brown.

Shake the food items – Whatever you put the food items into the air fryer, it is always recommended to shake the food around while cooking. Especially the smaller foods like French fries as well as chips can get compressed with the others and may not be cooked properly. So it will help in cooking the food in a better way. In between, with a span of every 5 to 10 minutes, while making the food, it is best to rotate the food items as it will help to cook the food properly from every corner.

Should not fill up more – The food items should not be filled up more as if there is space given to the food, then only the air in it will be able to circulate properly. So when it circulates, then it will give the best crispy result. If the food is filled up, then no air could move around, and cook food through the air will be difficult. Thus, cooking will not happen properly.

Frozen food – Some food items are already marinated. Mostly these food items are kept in a deep freeze. So, before cooking the food, it should be brought into the normal temperature. Otherwise, the ice will bring a lot of smoke from the air fryer. If food with high fat is being made, then it is necessary to empty the fat collected in the bottom of a machine at regular intervals.

Air fryer, if used properly, can make life healthier and much better. For this, one does not have to compromise with food habits and can still have healthy food.