How to Use an Electric Rice Cooker Properly?

Rice cookers are electronic appliances introduced to the modern world for easy cooking of rice and vegetables without any effort. Handling an electric rice cooker is no big deal and is completely safe to use by everyone. With the help of electric rice cooker, straining the starch is totally not required after cooking the rice and getting hurt handling hot starch is avoided.

The steps by which an electric cooker should be used are explained easily below:

  • The components which come along with a rice cooker are a rice cooker, measuring cup, and straining plate placed at the bottom of the cooker
  • The rice cooker should be washed and kept dry before using
  • The rice cooker is turned on and change the mode to cooking
  • The rice to be cooked is washed prior to remove any pesticides or contaminants and is strained off. Wash the rice 2-3 times before soaking them in water
  • Soak the rice for around 20-30 minutes for better cooking
  • With the help of the measuring cup, the water required for the rice is measured
  • The rinsed rice is placed into the rice cooker and the water measured is added to it
  • Other ingredients for added flavor can be added along with the rice during this stage
  • The rice cooker mode is set to cooking and the rice cooker is plugged and turned on
  • Close the lid of the rice cooker before turning on
  • Depending on the rice texture, it takes around 20-25 minutes to cook and is very easy to handle the rice cooker
  • Timing can be adjusted but it is usually preset and takes a few mins for cooking rice
  • A separate tray is available in certain models for cooking vegetables in the same cooker. Vegetables are washed before placing in the tray
  • Once the rice is cooked, the mode changes from cooking to heating and it remains warm until kept on
  • The rice is cooked and can be served hot and if needed to be heated, the mode can be kept at heating
  • The rice cooker should be washed and kept dry every time after cooking

By cooking in an electric rice cooker, it saves time and energy. Operating a rice cooker is never a risky or tedious task hereafter. Cooking basmati rice is also possible with the help of rice cooker. The cooked rice looks extremely good and appealing.