Jute Rug – Everything You Need to Know & Decoration Tips

Natural fibre rugs are available in several options. Floor covers crafted from cotton, sisal, seagrass, and hemp are favourite with celebrated interior designers and families with pets and kids alike. Amongst so many different choices available, there is one more option, which is equally popular and has firmly held its ground- we are talking about the mighty jute here.

Derived from Corchorus plant, jute natural fibre is widely used in the construction of carpets, mats, rugs, and other interior upholstery. Often referred to as ‘silky fibre’ because of the soft and lustrous texture, jute is grown extensively in the India and Bangladesh. Another reason for the popularity of a Jute rug is its earthly shade, which not only makes the fibre look contemporary but also masks the unsightly stains with ultimate perfection.

Further, jute carpets are easy to maintain; vacuuming twice a week should take care of dust and debris. They are affordable to own besides being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Different ways jute rugs can enhance your interiors

  • Perfect for high traffic zones: In case you have been looking for a perfect rug for the high footfall spaces in your house, jute is a durable option, which can withstand the extremities without showing any signs of wear. However, if you are a pet parent, proceed with caution.

Jute doesn’t absorb the odours easily and hence, is not a very good choice for the damp environments. Instead go with sisal or sea grass, which work well, especially if you share the house with furry four-legged companions.

  • Try layering: Jute rugs have got more of a coastal design aesthetic appeal to them, which is perfect to pull off a casual setting. However, owing to the great versatility of the fibre, they tend to complement a whole range of styles and designs encompassing both traditional and contemporary.

One of the best ways to enhance their appeal further is to layer them with another carpet or rug. For example, if you have got a bold and classy patterned rug, you can add more definition by placing it on the top of an earthy-toned jute rug; This will enhance the coverage too.

Layering rugs works magically in large seating spaces, a gloomy-looking entryway, or even adjacent to your bed to give out a cosier vibe. It also offers a perfect foundation for the floating furniture in spaces following the open concept. Many interior designers work with this technique time and again to make the place look more inviting.

  • Patterned styles: The natural colour of the jute rugs is rustic or earthy brown, but many manufacturers are now experimenting with different colours and patterns including stripes and chevrons to entice the buyers.

Addition of simple looking patterned jute rug can add the much-needed personality and definition to your interior settings- especially when the place is neutrally toned.

Now that you have all the information on jute rugs, it’s time to head out and bring home that perfect piece to elevate your interiors.