Mixer Grinder 550W Vs 750W – Which is Best to Buy?

Mixer grinders are a must in today’s household. They are used in wide variety of food preparation and forms an integral part of every kitchen. There are many different types available. Each type will have its own power as well as energy. Hence, it becomes important to know what your requirements are, and how should you go about choosing the right type of mixer grinder. This article shall help you make a choice between 550 -watt and 750- watt mixer grinder.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Mixer Grinder:

When you want to select a mixer grinder, you need to keep in mind a few factors that need to be considered while purchasing the same. A few factors include the following:

  • The purpose for which you want to use the grinder
  • The amount of energy you want to save when you are purchasing your grinder
  • The budget which you have kept aside for purchasing the mixer grinder
  • Whether the mixer blade is good enough for your use
  • Amount of food that you want to put in use while using the mixer grinder
  • Whether or not the seller is giving any guarantee

Which Grinder to Choose?

You have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both types of grinder before you are going for a purchase decision:

  • If you are buying a mixer grinder that has 750W, then you can be rest assured that the speed in which the grinder works will be really good
  • If you are looking for a mixer grinder which can hold more of food, then you should go for the mixer  750 watt one.
  • If you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, then you would probably want to buy the 500- watt mixer grinder
  • Another advantage of someone using a 500- watt mixer grinder is the fact that there is a lot of energy that is going to be saved. This will particularly be important if you are a person who likes to save energy

You should also keep in mind that just by having power, you cannot be rest assured that you will get more efficient results. High watt does mean good results, but it should also be backed by greater performance and good brand.

I hope that the above article helps you understand both advantages and disadvantages of different types of mixer grinders. You can now choose a grinder as per your needs and requirements.