The Use Of BP Monitors To Ensure Good Health

BP monitor is also called a sphygmometer or a blood pressure meter. It comprises an inflatable cuff. This collapses and releases the artery, which is under the cuff in a controlled way along with a manometer to determine the pressure. It helps know that at what pressure the blood flow starts and up to what pressure it is not obstructed. Manual blood pressure monitors are used with a stethoscope.

Types Of The Blood Pressure Monitors

These come in two main types. Digital and the Aneroid.

Digital BP Monitors

These display your blood pressure reading in numbers on a screen. These you can get in automatic versions that have a cuff. Cuff inflates when you press the button. Some BP monitors have a memory that keeps a record of the readings which are taken. The suitable cuff size can be selected depending on the measurement of your arm.

Aneroid BP Monitors

These monitors have a cuff that can be inflated as you squeeze the rubber bulb. It has a dial gauge. A needle and a stethoscope. Aneroid thermometers are used by the doctors and give accurate readings. Some models of BP monitors measure your BP at the wrist. But the readings are not accurate. The aneroid ones do not serve the purpose if your hearing is impaired because it is required to listen to the heartbeat with the help of a stethoscope.

Why Do You Need To Monitor Your Blood Pressure?

It gives you an indication of heart diseases. In case your blood pressure is on the higher side, you have the risk of developing health problems. High blood pressure leads to more strain on your arteries. This makes these weaker and may burst. It is necessary to take the readings with the help of BP monitors at the appropriate time daily to keep a record of your blood pressure readings.

Some Of The Best BP Monitors

The below mentioned are the best ones which you can purchase at an affordable price range.

Omron HEM 7120 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

It gives an accurate measurement and is simple to use. It has a simple one-touch operation. It is a compact monitor.

Technology used:

  • Makes use of IntelliSense technology, which provides accuracy.
  • It works on the oscillometric principle.
  • The readings are taken, and the pulse rate is measured without any mistake.

Dr Trust Smart Talking Digital BP Machine (Black)

It has simple buttons, so it becomes easier to operate it. SystolicBP, diastolic BP can be recorded. The pulse rate can be measured.

Technology used :

  • Use of Zebra lights.
  • The dual talking feature conveys the status of your BP.
  • It can be powered with your computer or another device.
  1. Morepen Bp 02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

It provides a user interface. Gives very quick and reliable measurements. It is a lightweight product.

Technology used:

  • This bp monitor has comfort inflation technology.
  • A user-friendly device with maximum accuracy.

BP monitors are designed for your wellbeing. It is important that if you have bp problems, you do the monitoring. If it is not possible to visit the doctor, even having a best bp monitor at home helps maintain a check on your health.