Top 5 Best Electric Kettle Brands In India

Time and again we have been repeatedly told to purchase quality electronics or kitchen products. The reason behind this advice is pretty straight forward, it is believed that the better the quality of kitchen products higher their lifespan. Price is the most important factor but make your decision while purchasing kitchen appliances on the quality of the product rather than the price of the product.

An electric kettle is one such kitchen appliance that is widely used. For many of us, the day begins with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Either way, an electric kettle is a useful appliance that can be found in all types of kitchens. If you are looking to upgrade your old kettle or buying a new way, check out the list of top five brands mentioned below that sell good electric kettle in India.

Best five brands of electric kettle in India

  1. Philips electric kettle

The foremost brand in our list of top five electric kettles is Phillips. Philips is a well-known brand in the market. They have been making and selling electronics and other related appliances from quiet some time.

Philips electric kettle is available in food-grade stainless steel, it is safe and elegant. The Philips electric kettle is comfortable to use, with a wide opening and easy maintenance. Philips kettle offers extraordinary features like automatic cut-off, which prevents accidents like shocks and heating issue.

  1. Morphy Richard electric kettleā€™s

The next brand on the complied list of top five brands are Morphy Richard electric kettle. The electric kettles made by this brand are compact and has multi-purpose usage. The Morphy Richard band kettle comes with attractive features like full-body concealed, wide opening and removable plastic top lid.

The removable lid makes it easy to clean inside and maintain the kettle. The dry boil protection and auto-off features are few other features of Morphy Richard kettles.

  1. Prestige Electric Kettle

Prestige brand electric kettle has acquired the third place in the list compiled. The only difference between Philips and prestige brand kettle is that the latter is cheaper.

Prestige brand electric kettle design is elegant and has a versatile purpose. The prestige brand electric kettle has a feature known as a single touch lid, this locks the kettle in place. The wide opening and touch lock lid features make the usage of electric kettle mess and hassle-free. The heating capacity of prestige kettle is fast and can be used effortlessly by all users.

  1. Orpat electric kettle

Orpat electric kettle occupies the next position in our list of five best brands in India. This brand of electric kettle is suitable for the morning rush when you need that cup of coffee or tea before you head to work. The high efficient Orpat electric kettle is a famous brand among consumers.

The stainless steel and aluminum body of Orpat electric kettle is stylish, durable and long-lasting.

  1. Bajaj electric kettle

The last brand in your list of top five electric kettles in India is Bajaj. Bajaj electric brand kettles are cordless and lightweight, making it easy to place, carry and move around. Bajaj brand electric kettles offer superior quality performance at an affordable price.

The best feature of Bajaj electric kettle is that the water indicator makes it easy to adjust the heat setting. Other features of this brand are dry boil safe and overheat protection. The Bajaj brand electric kettle had an amazing review and rating and can be used by all users for various purposes.