Top Qualities of a Good Induction Cooktop

Time and again, induction cooktops and their existence in the kitchen have been questioned by people who are always too worried and too curious to dig deeper into the real truth of things. And there’s always some fixed questions- Are they safe? How are they better than any other mode of cooking? What are some of the best features of an induction cooktop? Well, what are we here for? To give you the answers you’re looking for! Here are the top qualities of a good brand induction cooktop.

Faster preparation of meals:

A good induction cooktop will not heat upon its surface. It will generate heat as a result of the electromagnetic flux created between the copper coils that reach the surface of the cooktop by induction. The surface of the cooktop remains cool. The bottom of the pan is what gets heated. So, as a result of this, food is cooked, and water is boiled 50% faster than a regular electric/gas stove.


You can control the settings of your induction cooktop according to your cooking needs. You can set the timer and regulate the temperature as you wish. This results in much more convenient and consistent cooking and heating of food items. It also prevents overheating or under-heating food. Consistency delivers repeatable food whenever you cook!

Easier to clean:

The smooth glass-ceramic cooktop of the device allows it to be cleaned easily. Just buy some cooktop cleaning liquid or cream, a soft piece of cloth and a dry paper towel, and you can easily clean your induction cooktop regularly. Unlike gas stoves, which have small parts and curves where you can’t get your hands into, induction cooktops are flat and don’t need to be separated by parts to be able to clean it thoroughly. Spills and oils won’t be a mess to clean. Moreover, the cooktop remains cool throughout so; it can be cleaned immediately after the cooking is done.

Smart energy-saving:

Some cooktops can sense the size of the pan you have placed on top of the cooktop and adjust the area to heat, accordingly. Only the area of the cooktop that’s covered by the pan will be heated. This saves energy by a little. And in the long run, by a lot.


Induction cooktops are absolutely safe, opposing popular opinions. You can’t burn yourself touching the surface of the cooktop because, as I said, the cooktop never heat up. Even if you turn on the switch and place your hand on top of the cooktop surface, you’ll find that it’s cool because it heats up only on contact with a ferromagnetic material. The electromagnetic waves aren’t harmful either, because the frequency is low, and the amount of radiation generated is too less to cause any harmful effects on humans. The human threshold of radiation damage is much more than what an induction even emits. So, use your induction cooktop as much as you want!

Are you convinced now that induction cooktops are, in fact, way better than any other method of cooking? Electric or gas stoves or even microwaves can’t compare to this!