What to look for before buying a 4 Slice Toaster?

A toaster is a basic home appliance which is occupying some place in every kitchen. Earlier, there are no restrictions about having a toaster but with increasing morning rush with almost all the members of the family are working, the need for a four slice toaster is growing day by day because it has bulkier applications and save a lot of time.

Generally, basic toasters are affordable and available in the market up to $25 in any regular store whereas toasters with particular functionalities are a gift in a messy day of work. Many of the toasters facilitate chopping, making momos, and many more features that ease your work at the kitchen. You need to choose toasters based on price, functionalities, way of handling, and ways to clean. Toasters with adjacent slots for baking or toasting bread is better than toasters with lengthy slots to toast bread. Four slice toasters can facilitate toasting four pieces of bread at once.

Toasters and toaster ovens are useful to toast and reheat toasts and bakery items.


Toasters are available in the market from $20 to $400. Toaster ovens are available from $100 and above. Toasters with cheaper price are available in the market with basic functionalities whereas tested things are available above $35. Regardless of cost, you can observe the food grade approval on the product before choosing the toaster.

Features to be considered are :

  • A normal toaster needs one to two minutes to toast four slices of bread at a time. If you need faster toasts, you can choose two slice toaster but four piece toasters can roast chicken, melt cheese, and toast a hamburger within nine minutes. This will help you to pack your lunch faster than entrusting on the basic ones.
  • When you need to pack some treat for family or a gathering, you can buy a six slice toaster, but four slice toasters can serve the functionalities of a toaster oven and a six slice toaster.
  • A toaster oven can take longer for preparing chicken or melt the cheese, but they are highly expensive for a normal family.
  • Your work will be easy based on the size of the rack. You can check that the rack of the toaster is at least 12 inches. Checking online reviews will make your task easy instead of roaming around the shops. You need extra-wide slot toasters to prepare New York style bagels.
  • Check that the toaster is easy to clean and maintain. Toaster ovens are a bit expensive and tough to maintain, but they are known for durability and comfort.
  • Consistent browning, the time slot for preparing toasts at a batch, and width of slots are important features to choose the basic toaster or an expensive toaster oven. 4-slice toasters will serve the purposes of both normal toaster and toaster oven. Take care that the controls on the toaster are easy to observe and operate.
  • Don’t go for a toaster with unlabeled controls because if you cannot decipher the instructions, you might get burnt toasts or food. Always go for 4-piece toasters because it is helpful to reduce morning rush and if you have a big family.